“May we like it or not, we are cast products. Our moulds are the society that surrounds us, and our shape reminds us of the stereotypic opinions of the mass. 


Our jokes, the phrases we say, our gesticulation, and even our shame are overly hidden in the socially accepted form. For me, it is somewhat funny to poke the social humour so that the moulds we are made of get loosened. Practicing sarcasm is one excellent way to crack the moulds open and to cheat the gravity of thoughts and understanding. It gives us flexibility as unique human beings with our own expression. ”





——      Jovana Zhang, Chief Designer of "Gravity of Steeltypes"

work name|Gravity of stereotypes
design director|Jovana Zhang

copy writer|Qing Zeng
editor | Li Tang 
photo/video credit|PINWU

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